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The Great Aha! ::: The Secret of Happiness

‘The Great Aha!’ is for positive psychology enthusiasts, who are tired of the superficiality and clichés regarding our mental well-being.

It is a philosophical self-help documentary, which goes deep into the structure of lasting happiness, and the impact this idea has upon our culture.

Unlike other feature documentaries – like ‘Happy’, ‘The Secret’ or ‘I Am’ – ‘The Great Aha!’ unmasks the limiting world-views that rob us of happiness, and it explores the time tested science for how to find lasting fulfillment.

40 Days Out In The Wilderness To Reawaken

What Does This Unusual Method That The Great Ancient Sages Practiced,
Have To Teach Us About Our 21st Century Problems


What If On Your Usual Car Trip Today, By a Freak Accident, This Was Your Last Day On Earth?
Would You Have Been Happy With The Life You Lived?

For this is where the film maker himself started.

After a near-fatal car accident that brought into instant awareness his unhappiness, John made a decision to take a 40-day Chilla-Nashini, out in the Tasmanian wilderness, to figure out his life anew.

There, as going into the recesses of his mind, and while listening to the great philosophers from the Age of Enlightenment – John uncovered a fundamental, almost invisible self-deception, that messes our lives up.

It’s a simple idea, but because it’s false, it has the most profound consequences.


The Great Aha!


Unearthing the Hidden Ideas Behind All That We Think and Do

If You Were Living In a Dream,
How Could You Know That You Were Dreaming?


Today, we are bombarded by thousands upon thousands of ideas, about what it takes for us to live and have a brighter, happier future:

– from the thousands of advertisements that directly prompt us to buy all kinds of things,
– to the thousands of indirect or implicit messages embedded in our conversations, social media posts, podcasts or broadcasts…

Yet what do all these messages, direct or implicit, all have in common?

And what is the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to our complete good?

Begin your journey with ‘The Great Aha!’ and find out…


How Do You Out-Think An Idea That is Thinking You?

What Is the Real Power of an Idea?


Could Carl Jung, (the founder of analytic psychology) be right, when he said,

“People don’t have Ideas. Ideas have people.”

Like in the feature film Inception, could we have deep within us, a virus-like idea that infects and distorts our beliefs about our purpose, our politics, and how we treat our planet?

Could there be a simple enough idea that sources our current problems of:
… ever-rising depression?
… social alienation and fragmentation?
… and the way we run unsustainable economies that pollute our planet?

Feature Documentary

Special Extended Edition:

A Counter-Cultural Journey Into Happiness

(From the Preface of ‘The Great Aha!’ – Special Extended Edition)

What key ideas move us to pursue all that we do – what drives our lives?


The question, ‘what key ideas drive our lives’, is one of the most important that we could ever contemplate. It answers – where we are going? where we are heading? and ultimately, what is to be our destiny?

Like listening to the voice of the GPS in the car, we tend to automatically follow the inner promptings of our thoughts and whether to go left, or right, or straight… But how many of us have thought about, where is our inner GPS coordinated to go to? And why?

‘The Great Aha!’ documentary hacks our inner GPS, and reveals what our inner compass is calibrated to arrive at…

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