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The Great Aha!
The Secret of Happiness


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In “The Great Aha!”, John Angheli explores the source of all our motivations and the cornerstone of our democratic ideals – the nature of happiness. Just what is it? How is our pursuit of happiness driving our ethics, economics and ecology? And why is it that amidst the most plentiful and liberal time to experience happiness, we witness ever-rising levels of psychological depression?

When a near fatal car accident raises questions of personal meaning and mortality, John takes on the legendary 40 day rite-of-passage in the wilderness, of sustained solitude, stillness and starvation, to crack the code of just ‘what is happiness’.

For 40 days and 40 nights, out in the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness, together with the world’s best thinkers on the subject from the Age of Enlightenment, John attempts to peel back the ‘cultural inceptions’ that may be at the root of the problem.

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Bonus 1: The Special Extended Edition of the Film

“How Happiness Ideas (or Maps) Form In Our Minds, and How to Reform Our Minds with What is Most True”
Total Value: $47

Featuring almost one more hour of film content, The Special Extended Edition of The Great Aha! features the internal dialogue inside the mind of the author on this self-actualization quest.

Based on the journal entries that were kept at the time, the film renders the philosophical and practical application of the ideas. It is filmed as a heated dialogue between 7 characters (or seven departments of the soul).

Come to understand the implications that our happiness maps have upon our lives and society at large, at a whole new level. More important, what are the implications for how to actually become happier and more effectively motivated.

This extended edition is only available here, and is exclusive, only with this download today.

Bonus 2: Secret Meanings 4-Part Documentary Series

“How to Recover a Shining Experience of Being”
Total Value: $97

What Are the Most Important Things to Get Right When Leading, Educating or Parenting? And How Did the Greats in History Crush Conformity, Complacency and Corruption?

In this 4-part documentary series, ‘Secret Meanings’, John explores the hidden ideas that most often control our thinking, our actions and our well-being, in our current post-modern world.

For there are certain ideas that have been conditioned within us that make us confused, powerless, and ultimately unfulfilled… all while the world is shining around us and ‘love is smiling through all things’.

In this eye-opening, life changing documentary series, you’ll come to understand:

Volume 1: what ideas has our educational system conditioned us with – so we see the world in a particular way – and how it is the source of today’s cynicism and current ideological battles;

Volume 2: what vital idea has been hidden from our education, and why without this, we’re lost in a fog of information and are crippled by endless choices;

Volume 3: what dangerous idea is behind the present conviction that we live in a meaningless universe and how did the classical world cut through this illusion;

Volume 4: what critical ideas did J.R.R. Tolkien hide in the best-selling work of the last century, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and how can we use them to reclaim a shining experience of being.

Bonus 3: Ticket to the Next iLeadership Forum

“How to Enhance Your Capacity to Effectively Produce”
Total Value: $297


iLeadership Forum is for creative knowledge workers, or people that need to think for a living – like entrepreneurs, content creators, consultants and so on – who want get more from themselves and their capacity to lead their life well.

That is, for those who want to increase self-motivation, self-mastery and self-discipline (i.e. self-leadership) in a measurable and meaningful way – as to accomplish all that is possible to accomplish.

iLeadership Forum is an inner leadership 3-day online workshop, that reveals the hierarchy of our personal motivation-inspiration maps.

It exposes the inner four levels of performance that we can operate from, and the difference that each level makes – both on the quality of work that we produce, as well as the quality of life that we experience inside.

Unlike other leadership programs, like those covered by Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey or John Maxwell, which give a general overview of the leadership landscape and how to lead others (outside of ourselves), iLeadership Forum looks specifically at our inner leadership dimension.

Here we get to the heart of the key issues that govern our personal capacity to intentionally lead ourselves – i.e. how to influence ourselves, as to do the good that is both naturally motivating, as well as the work that we need to do, that’s not naturally motivating.

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