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Discover the Keys to a More Fulfilling Life with 'The Great Aha! What Is Happiness'

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Unlock the Timeless First Principles For
How to Deeply Motivate Yourself and Others

Come on an adventure like no other, and discover three insights drawn from three of the Greatest Philosophers from the Age of Enlightenment, that will profoundly change the way you see your pursuit of happiness...

The Hidden, Inner Maps of Happiness That Define Our Conscious Choices

Discover the ground floor of your motivation and how your inner maps that define 'what is happiness' come to influence your beliefs, behaviors and feelings

The Fundamental Structure of Happiness Maps That Lead to Lasting Fulfillment

Recover a timeless perspective on what kind of life orientation leads to the most optimal outcomes for yourself, for those around you, and for the planet at large

The Educational Pathway that Changes Our Habits, from Self-Destructive to Self-Constructive

In the final insight of the film, it's revealed how we may practically recover a shining experience of being, amidst a time of depressingly 'augmented realities'
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Also with expanded commentaries from John, delivered to your inbox, that help you piece together these insights, with the context of your life

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About John Angheli

Australia’s Foremost Leadership Counsellor, Entrepreneur, and Film Maker

John Angheli is Australia’s foremost leadership counsellor. With numerous degrees, (in Architecture, Business, Education, Philosophy and Film Studies), lecturing in higher education, former president of the Australia Life Coaching Society, and much more - John brings meaningful perspectives for how we can co-create a better life and a better society for all.

John Angheli’s mission is to tackle dysfunctional ideologies and worldviews that cause much depression, demoralization and destruction - in the lives of individuals and organizations alike. With a focus on unleashing the power of meaning, his aim is to support a new generation of leaders that rebuild trust within our communities, and foster a sense of genuine optimism about our future.

His latest project, the feature documentary ‘The Great Aha’ - an autobiographical movie that showcases our pursuit of happiness in life – links how our most innate pursuit, frames our entire life journey.

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Because Free Access to the 'The Great Aha!' Is a Limited Time Only Promotion

(Important Note: This is not just another documentary film. This is about your most important pursuit in life. It's a film that can change everything.)

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