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Behind the Scenes of ‘The Great Aha!’ Extended Edition

‘The Great Aha!’ – Extended Edition reveals the flowering of the wisdom that emerged during the Age of Enlightenment and explores some critical issues through…

“An Internal Dialogue”

‘The Great Aha!’ – Extended Edition demonstrates the inner conflicts we have about our pursuit of happiness, through dramatization segments that are played out by 7 characters.

The content of this inner conversation is based directly from his diary entries at the time.

These illustrate the inner journey the film maker had, and reveals certain current day controversies that different worldviews regarding happiness creates. 

For instance, in these dialogues, the characters debate how our happiness pursuit impacts our economics and the environment, or our social relations and politics, or our education and personal growth…

These seven inner characters represent the seven different functions within the human soul, as classical philosophy identified. They represent the seven departments of the soul, which deal with the realization of:

Wisdom, Courage, Self-control, Justice, Faith, Hope and Love.

In the documentary, all these characters are played by seven female actors. That’s because throughout history, artistically, these seven parts of the soul were portrayed as feminine. (Think of the statues of justice for instance that adorn many law courts today and the blindfolded woman with a crown and a balance…)

In ‘The Great Aha!’ – Extended Edition, these seven characters are:

SOPHIA in the department of WISDOM
* Played by: Tanya Wieclaw
* Symbol: Book

The department of Wisdom or Prudence in the soul represents that actualization of the highest intellectual capacities, as to perform the right actions, at the right time, for the right reasons.

This involves an understanding of people, things, events and situations, and the ability to continually apply perceptions, judgments and actions, as to know what is right.

CORINA in the department of COURAGE
* Played by: Charlotte Chapman
* Symbol: Lion

The department of Courage or Fortitude in the soul represents that actualization of the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

It encompasses physical courage to face up to pain, hardship, or threats, as well as the moral courage to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.

SEANA in the department of SELF-CONTROL
* Played by: Lisa Dallinger
* Symbol: Water and Wine

The department of Self-Control or Temperance in the soul represents that actualization of the ability and willingness to manage and restrain pleasure, temptation and desire.

It encompasses physical self-control to moderate the pleasures of eating, sexual impulses and all other indulges, as well as the moral self-control to manage one’s emotional states like anger and to enact choices like forgiveness.

JULIA in the department of JUSTICE
* Played by: Victoria Mantynen
* Symbol: Crown

The department of Justice in the soul represents that actualization of the ability to balance between selfishness and selflessness.

Justice is the social intelligence to regulate fairly one’s relations with all others, human or otherwise. It is the capacity to render to each all that is due to them, in due proportion and in harmony with what is ethical.

HOLLACE in the department of HOPE
* Played by: Heyley Beveridge
* Symbol: Palm Leaves

The department of Hope or Optimism in the soul represents the actualization of the capacity to interpret situations and events as being ‘optimized’ – that in some way all comprehended factors in the present moment are in an optimum state.

This leads to a state of mind that believes everything is as it should be, and so will the future.

FAYE in the department of FAITH
* Played by: Kristine Petkovska
* Symbol: Candle

The department of Faith or Transcendence in the soul represents the actualization of the capacity to trust and walk in the confidence of a person, an idea or a worldview.

Faith is the assurance of the things hoped for and having a conviction in the things not seen – in the transcendent domain of compassion and benevolence within the universe.

LORA as the virtue of LOVE
* Played by: Isabelle Bertoli
* Symbol: Fruit Basket

The department of Love or Charity in the soul represents the actualization of the capacity to extend a limitless loving-kindness to all.

It is the realization of a perfectly good will – loving goodness for goodness’ sake, free of ulterior motives. According to all wisdom traditions, love is the absolute requirement for happiness for it fulfills the ultimate function and aim of a human being.

If you have seen the ‘The Great Aha!’ theatrical version, check out the Extended Edition next. It’s a free bonus with your order of the theatrical version. The Extended Edition takes ‘The Great Aha!’ to a whole new level!

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