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One Way to Summarize this Documentary

‘The Great Aha!’ is an exploration into the process of enlightenment that humans have attempted throughout history.

One way to sum up this film, is that it is a battle with the most self-deceptive idea the mind can believe.

For there’s a hidden idea in the basement of our subconscious, that like a virus, transforms all other ideas in its image. It controls all that we think, all that we feel and all that we do. This hidden idea runs undetected in the underground of our psyche and it determines the most important aspects of our existence.

For what our subconscious thinks that happiness is – this guides the course of our entire lives.

As you’ll come to realize, this idea lies at the heart of the most important insights and decisions that we as human beings ever make.

This idea is expressed in Shakespeare’s ‘to be or not to be’ existential dilemma.

This is what’s in Plato’s shadows on the wall and going out into the light allegory.

This is what’s in the film Matrix’ choice – whether to stay in the world of computerized illusions or to experience reality.

Throughout history, the individuals who wrestled with this most deceptive of self-deceptions and removed from their mind this idea – became the people we know today as ‘masters of life’, or ‘sages’. In fact, entire civilizations rose and collapsed based on how collectively societies were able to handle this self-deception.

Many versions of this idea has been passed down throughout the ages, in key works of literature, philosophy, religion, art and cinema. The question of whether man is free to chose or is determined for instance – is really a question of whether man is infected by this idea or not.

For so long as this most dangerous idea rules within the soul of man, a human being is definitely not free.

‘The Great Aha!’ puts together these pieces, to form a whole. The documentary takes you into the process of self-revelation and imparts a life enhancing insight that can fundamentally transform everything.

In this 40-day walkabout in the wilderness, John illustrates what this inner battle of ideas looks life, goes deeper and deeper into the hidden secrets of one’s psyche, and ultimately, integrates the wisdom of three of greatest philosophers from the Age of Enlightenment:

  1. Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard’s makes a distinction about the either/or choice we have in life;
  2. It is then followed by the great Immanel Kant and his insights into the maps that we place upon the world;
  3. And it concludes with the genius of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who came face to face many times, with the source of his one’s self-deception.

‘The Great Aha!’ makes an astonishing connection between our happiness pursuit, and how this idea determines all aspects of our lives – from the personal, to the social, to the ecological.

Furthermore, you’ll be inspired to lead your own personal vision quest for what’s is possible for you to do, when the mind is freed to pursue what is authentic.

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