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iReawaken 5-Day Workshop
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With your order of The Great Aha, you have access to the next iRewaken Event. Your invite reminders will be sent two weeks before the next event date start, to the email you’ve made the purchase previously.
Note: If you use Gmail, we recommend that you ensure your email from us is not placed in the Promotions folder. Check that the receipt for ‘The Great Aha’ film is not there, and if it is, drag it into your Primary Inbox. This way, you’ll see your invite when the next event starts. Thank you.
“How to Enhance Your Capacity to Effectively Produce”

iReawaken is for leader, influencers, and generally people who think for a living – like entrepreneurs, content creators, consultants and so on – who want get more from themselves and their capacity to lead their life well.

That is, for those who want to increase self-motivation, self-mastery and self-discipline (i.e. self-leadership) in a measurable and meaningful way – as to accomplish all that is possible to accomplish.

iReawaken is an inner leadership 3-day online workshop, that reveals the hierarchy of our personal motivation-inspiration maps, how they work and how to apply them in your leadership.

It exposes the inner four levels of performance that we can operate from, and the difference that each level makes – both on the quality of work that we produce, as well as the quality of life that we experience inside.

Unlike other leadership programs, like those covered by Simon Sinek, Stephen Covey or John Maxwell, which give a general overview of the leadership landscape and how to lead others (outside of ourselves), the iReawaken Event looks specifically at our inner leadership dimension.

Here we get to the heart of the key issues that govern our personal capacity to intentionally lead ourselves – i.e. how to influence ourselves, as to do the good that is both naturally motivating, as well as the work that we need to do, that’s not naturally motivating.

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