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Secret Meanings:
Volume 1: The Right Question

Volume 1: what ideas has our educational system conditioned us with – so we see the world in a particular way – and how it is the source of today’s cynicism and current ideological battles?

Secret Meanings:
Volume 2: The Lost Classical Wisdom

Volume 2: what vital idea has been hidden from our education, and why without this, we’re lost in a fog of information and are crippled by endless choices?

Secret Meanings:
Volume 3: Soul Crafting a New Mind

Volume 3: what dangerous idea is behind the present conviction that we live in a meaningless universe and how did the classical world cut through this illusion?

Secret Meanings:
Volume 4: The Way of Grace

Volume 4: what critical ideas did J.R.R. Tolkien hide in the best-selling work of the last century, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and how can we use them to reclaim a shining experience of being?

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